People often mistake the investment market for a lottery like thing but what they don’t know the brain involved behind every investment. Yes there is a luck factor, but you cannot drive to success just with your luck. To become a successful investor you need to do your homework properly. They analyze the market conditions, think about possible cost reduction measures and then come to the investment decision. This is the reason why smart investors think it is very foolish to pay high brokerage fees to brokers. Here in this blog we are going to focus on how to make better decisions and not let brokerage fees disrupt your investment process.

Be Aware of the Surprising Extras

Some brokerage firms may sound very cheap but they have got a way to get money from you. In the market of such great competition and low brokerage charges, brokers have found out different ways to get money from customers. Here are some of the ways they charge you fees that may surprise you:

• Inactivity Fees: Inactivity fees is the amount charged when a customer is unable to make enough trades during a set period of time.

• Transfer Fees: This is another kind of fees that users are charged in order to stop them from moving from one broker to another.

Account Maintenance Fees: Account maintenance fees is the charge that is taken to keep a track and care of your trading account.

Prices of Different Brokers vary

Almost all the brokers in the country charge trading fees from their customers and it is not something new, but the point is the amount of trading fees vary. There are brokers, who are exceptional in their service and charge high brokerage charges, then there are brokers who lure you with low brokerage charges and provide poor service and there are some like ZIPPER trade who charge you low brokerage but are incomparable when it comes to services.

Be Disciplined in Trading

Your trading journey is mainly driven by two factors greed and fear. Being disciplined about your emotions can save you a lot of money. Investing needs a vision and a sane mind and if you’ve got both nobody can stop you from succeeding. The funda of investment is simple – don’t stress out of your past failures just look for better opportunities in the future. If you are able to maintain a discipline with your investments, you can easily become a smart investor.

So these were some of the things that you need to keep in mind to trade smartly and stay unaffected with brokerage charges. If you are in search of an online broker who has low brokerage charges and is exceptional service, then your search will definitely stop on ZIPPER trade. This discount broker in Delhi is one of the best in the industry today and is known for its prompt customer service and honest behavior with the customer.

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