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National Pension System (NPS)

Launched by Government of India, NPS (National Pension System) is a contribution based Pension scheme with many lucrative features for the subscribers.

The objectives of this NPS scheme are

  • To provide old age income
  • Market based returns over long run in their real terms.
  • Adding more security to the senior citizen of India

Once a customer/citizen subscribes for NPS scheme, a unique Permanent Account Number (PRAN) is allocated to him/her.

Features and Benefits of NPS
This scheme offers various benefits to the subscribers which makes it a unique investment scheme for the customers.

  • Flexibility of Portable Account – the NPS account of the subscriber which is termed as PRAN, remains the same even in change of the organization or relocation of the subscriber from current location geographically
  • Online platform – Subscribers will get a unique Login ID &Password to use the online platform provided to get the details of their account, after login into their panel
  • The NPS system provides an option for the subscribers to choose the service provider, investment options available, available funds and other features available and that’s why it’s a very good investment scheme.
  • Extremely Low Cost of operations – unbelievable but it’s true that the NPS scheme fund management charge is as low as 0.01% to manage account, which makes it world’s minimum cost investment scheme.